Storage Water Tanks

With the increasing demand for energy, the shortage of conventional energy sources, rising oil prices, global warming and environmental pressures, all countries in the world have shifted their strategic focus to energy. Renewable energy to ensure energy security and sustainable development of human society. Solar energy is the most ideal renewable energy, with the advantages of economical, safe, clean and non-polluting, with a vast and endless amount of radiation.

HERASUN is an integrated enterprise professional working on solar collector product development, production and sales, is an important manufacturing base solar water heaters in the world.

Mission of HERASUN is to promote the use of renewable energy in Germany and neighboring countries, providing affordable solar energy applications to all people.

HERASUN always regards the product quality as the first core element.

In line with its management philosophy “Striving for perfection, continually innovation”, since its foundation, HERASUN has highly committed itself to improve the product and service on an on-going basis. This has resulted in top grade material, advanced and accurate equipment and production technology, strict quality control and professional, considerable and flexible after sale service.

“Pursuing remarkable quality”, Unswervingly adhere to the excellent product quality as the core concept of the production, to provide consumers around the world solar water heater products which can best meet their needs , so that consumers enjoy a comfortable life with hot water;

“Deduce the sunshine wisdom”, sunshine is a positive attitude, wisdom is the source of happiness, HERASUN is grateful for nature, committing to the career of sunshine and wisdom, with excellent quality, innovative technology, bring the sunshine of this masterpiece of nature skim to civilization world, make life wisdom shining in the sun.

Integrity management, credibility to the world. While keeping the exporting leading status of solar water heater, HERASUN build a wolf culture of VietNam’s solar industry in marketing, start the domestic market, establish of the national sales and service system, to make company leaps and bounds.

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